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  • It’s time to fire up cameras, keyboards, and innovative thinking, as LACUE is excited to bring back our second annual digital student creation contest, DigiLACUEza! Last year, this upgraded contest with new categories opened up new avenues for our digital creators to share their thoughts and learning.


    Like last year, there will be three categories where all students can contribute. These categories include:


    • Video - Feeling like Spielberg? Then the video portion of the contest is for you. We want to see students who can educate us with curricularly-connected documentaries, dazzle us with special effects, entertain us with humorous role-plays, or really make us think about important local and global issues. This is your 2-3 minutes to SHINE!!!

    • Infographic - The combination of data and imagery is truly an art form. It’s a way to bring to life what could be viewed as just a bunch of boring numbers. Many say that the use of graphics with numbers allows viewers to more easily understand, process, and recall complex information. Are you up to the infographic challenge?

    • Digital Poster - Posters! We’ve all made one at some point of our schooling career, but we don’t want to see any poster boards or markers. How creative can you be in teaching us a topic through a digital poster? Shake the the rust off your Photoshop skills. Jump onto Glogster, create on Canva, make a smashing Smore, or use any number of other available tools to make a digital poster we’ll never forget!

    Categories are broken up by age groups, so we’ll have separate winners for grades PK-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Each winner will receive recognition at our December conference, and each winner’s school will receive a monetary award of $200. The deadline for submitting your students’ work is October 14th, 2016, so get started NOW! We can’t wait to see their work


    Please contact Brian Mull at for any questions.



    What Categories Would You Like to See?

    We’re already thinking about next year’s contest! Is there a new category you’d like to see offered in the future? Send your suggestions through Twitter using the hashtag #DigiLACUEzaFuture.

Contest Timeline

    • Contest opens - NOW!!!
    • Submissions due - October 14th
    • Winners notified/announced - October 28th
    • Media release form due for winning students - November 11th
    • Winners recognized at LACUE conference - December 8th

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